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What is Evendemy?

Evendemy is a open-source community webapp for your company! Create appointments for your trainings, meetings or for anything worth celebrating. With Evendemy this possibility is just a few clicks far away. Evendemy is a plattform where you can manage all these meetings and invite everyone to be part of. Start a new way of working together - now.

Some examples how Evendemy works

See how Evendemy works. There are many ways that Evendery can help you.

Scenario 1: Going to the cinema

Let's say, you want to go to the cinema with colleagues. Evendemy can help you. It is really easy to use Evendemy.

  • You want to go to the cinema? Nothing easier than that! Just create an event in Evendemy.
  • Evendemy now notifies everyone about the new event! You can easily find the meeting at Evendemy.
  • Interested people can participate. If they join your event, they get a mail with a calendar entry. The author (you) will also be notified.
  • Now you can enjoy the cinema together.
  • After watching a great movie: you can confirm who participated. All confirmed attendees can see the meeting at their personal user account page.

Scenario 2: You want to teach Angular

Another example. You learned much about Angular and want to share your knowledge with your colleagues. But you are maybe not sure if others are interested into it. Evendemy can help you.

  • Angular is great. That is why you add an idea to Evendemy.
  • Evendemy now notifies everyone about the new idea. You can easily find the idea at Evendemy.
  • Interested people can tell you that they are interessted. If they are interessted, they get a confirmation mail. The author (you) will also be notified.
  • If there are enough interested people, you can create a course from your idea.
  • See Scenario 1 on how to proceed...

Advantages compared to a simple calendar invitations

You maybe ask yourself what is the benefit compared to simple calendar invitations or other solutions? Evendemy can help you in so many ways! Here are some advantages compared to other solutions:


Evendemy won Convista's Innovation Award 2018! A great honor and a nice sign of how important such a project can be.

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How can I use it?

It is really easy to use. Just see the documentation for details. You find the compiled sources in the dist folder.

Documentation Compiled sources

How can I contribute?

You want to help to make Evendemy even a better software and great tool for everyone? There are a lot of work and it would be great if you help us! Just contact me! We can work together via the pull-request method. If you use Evendemy at your company it would also be great to here from you too!

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